Flight Centre Releases First DEI Report

Flight Centre Travel Group Americas has released its first comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) report.

The 22-page document highlights the organization’s 2022 initiatives in workforce demographics, supplier diversity, inclusive recruitment, DEI education, and employee resource groups.

“Ongoing, transparent reporting is essential to our commitment to dismantle barriers to equity for our people, our customers, and our communities” DEI Manager, Emese Graham stated in the report’s introduction.

Among the report’s key findings are strong results in both LGBTQ2+ workforce representation and employee sentiment. The 2022 employee inclusion survey revealed about 11% of Canadian respondents and 13% of American respondents self-identified as LGBTQ2+, compared to 4% and 8% of national averages, respectively. Additionally, the survey revealed no significant differences in employee sentiment between LGBTQ2+ and heterosexual and cisgender survey respondents.

Said Graham: “Our DEI strategy is about much more than diverse representation. We are invested in understanding employees’ experiences, their sense of belonging, and equitable opportunities for a brightness of future at FCTG.”

Additional results from the 2022 employee inclusion survey include that 70% of respondents in US leadership positions identified as women and that the ratio of respondents in Canada who identified as a person of colour was 18% higher than the latest national census data.

“Data-informed DEI strategies are key to the success and sustainable growth of our businesses and our teams,” People and Culture Leader, Lisa Baker stated in a commentary on the employee inclusion survey results.