Teaming Up To Promote Workplace Mental Health

FlightHub Group is partnering with Imperial Tobacco Canada to promote mental health in the workplace.

The new partnership will see Imperial Tobacco Canada offering travel perks to its employees through FlightHub Group’s travel benefits program.

FlightHub’s extensive network and partnerships with major airlines will allow Imperial Tobacco Canada’s employees to access competitive prices and tailor-made travel itineraries, ensuring their vacations are stress-free and memorable. Beyond the exclusive rebates and other benefits offered, FlightHub Group’s program empowers employee-centric organizations that value the impact that travel has on employee morale and engagement level.

Christopher Cave, CEO of FlightHub Group, observed: “As we all know, travel has a number of benefits for mental health in general. After the many restrictions to which the industry and travelers have been exposed to in recent years, we are excited to partner with Imperial Tobacco Canada, another forward-thinking company. By offering exclusive travel perks, we aim to prioritize the mental health of Imperial Tobacco Canada employees, allowing them to recharge, relax, and return to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.”

Lito Charet, Vice-President of HR and Inclusion at Imperial Tobacco Canada, said: “Our people-first culture is what drives our success. Employee mental health and well-being is our number one priority. We continuously seek to build partnerships with like-minded companies, and FlightHub was a natural fit for us.”

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