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Focus on Costa Rica


Costa Rica continues to have a distinctly green hue, says a man who helps carry the flag for the country’s tourism in Canada.

Joshua Reyes, a Costa Rican living in Montreal, said during a Toronto visit Wednesday that 25% to 30% of Costa Rica is protected against development by parks or other measures.

“Costa Rica is a pioneer of eco-tourism,” he said, noting it has .03% of the Earth’s land surfaces, but 5% of its flora and fauna.

Reyes reported that Costa Rica has more butterflies than Europe and 860 bird species are found in the country year-round and around 20 more migratory species spend some time there.

The country’s landscapes include volcanoes and jungle. Reyes also said his homeland is a great beach destination, with northwestern Costa Rica’s Guanacaste, for instance, home to many large all-inclusive resorts.

Seen here are Reyes and Toronto event organizers Reggie Kieda and Martin Jeffery.


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