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Are Follow-Up Calls To Clients Allowed?


Here’s the last installment of this week’s Press Today series featuring questions from agents on Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (Bill C-28), with answers supplied by Doug Crozier and Tim Law of Heifetz Crozier Law.

Baxter Travel Media has been hosting a series of Travel Law webinars on the anti-spam legislation featuring HCL’s Crozier and Law. The May 6 session — like the May 1 webinar — was a sell out and there were lots of questions from webinar participants.

A third Question & Answer webinar on Canada’s anti-spam legislation has now been scheduled for May 14, 2014 at noon. To register for the third webinar, go to .

And now here’s today’s question:

If a client requests information which is sent, are we allowed to call them to follow up?

Yes. The exception that permits calling on the telephone permits you to call to follow up, regardless of how much time has expired since the CEM was sent. Follow up by CEM is also permitted (unless the recipient has withdrawn consent) as long as the CEM is sent within six months of the receipt of the initial request.

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If you’d like the full story on Bill C-28, you can click here to check out the May 5, 2014 digital edition of Canadian Travel Press.

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