Food For Thought From Fort Lauderdale

Here’s some food for thought from Visit Lauderdale’s Tracy Vaughan — Fort Lauderdale is a great place to chow down.

Vaughan told a Thursday Visit Lauderdale webinar promoting Fort Lauderdale’s culinary scene and dubbed Tasty Travels that great dining awaits those visiting her destination, something visitors are cetain to appreciate.

“Food and travel — what’s not to love?” she asked while applauding Fort Lauderdale’s “diverse” restaurant scene.

The webinar featured staff from people in Fort Lauderdale’s hospitality trade — including staff from Sonesta and Ritz-Carlton hotels — describing among other things some of the dishes available to their clients.

As well, viewers were updated on Paddle Pub, which can enable food afficionados to work their way from one eatery to another by a 20-passenger boat propelled in part by pedaling.

Vaughan’s colleague Caitlin Etchevers noted al fresco dining is common, with diners often having views of the Atlantic in oceanside Fort Lauderdale, where “water culture” is really strong. “It really is in our DNA,” she said of local appreciation for the water,

Vaughan — whose destination is slated to host the March 17-21 Greater Fort Lauderdale Food & Wine Festival, which showcases the likes of local chefs and their creations and different types of alcohol — used the webinar to identify some of her own preferences in the local culinary scene, including Kubo Asian Fusion Street Food, which promises an “Asian experience the minute you walk through our door.”

She also praised the “fantastic” coffee choices at the Brew Urban Cafe.

Meanwhile, viewers were told that Fort Lauderdale is looking forward to the restart of fam trips, once again bringing travel agents to the destination.