Culinary Travel

Food & Travel … Memorable Moments on the Menu of Every Journey

Think of any trip that you’ve ever taken and I would wager that one of the most memorable moments will involve food.

While any journey is about seeing a place, and exploring its geography, history and culture, baked into that journey is the food that the traveller experiences along the way.

The signature dish of a particular region.

Exploring vineyards and tasting small vintage wines that you will never, ever find at home.

A meal with the friends you’re travelling with at a local restaurant or better still, shared with a local family at their home.

Taking a cooking class to learn how to make your favourite dish and mastering it.

Wandering a culinary trail in search of the many different experiences offered along the way.

Yes, travel and food are inextricably blended together in so many different ways, and in this special culinary issue of Canadian Travel Press, we’ve gathered together a mixture of culinary stories and recipes from destinations, luxury resorts, rail lines and cruise lines that will take readers around the world and give them a sampling of the kind of tastes that are in store for them on their journey.

Savour all the flavours in this special culinary issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.

The print edition of the Culinary Travels Cookbook Series is also distributed to subscribers of Canadian Travel Press print and through the Globe and Mail home delivery.