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FOOD & TRAVEL – Memorable Moments On The Menu Of Every Journey

Think of any trip that you’ve ever taken and I would wager that one of the most memorable moments will involve food.

While any journey is about seeing a place, and exploring its geography, history and culture, baked into that journey is the food that the traveller experiences along the way.

The signature dish of a particular region. Exploring vineyards and tasting small vintage wines that you will never, ever find at home. A meal with the friends you’re travelling with at a local restaurant or better still, shared with a local family at their home. Taking a cooking class to learn how to make your favourite dish and mastering it. Wandering a culinary trail in search of the many different experiences offered along the way.

Yes, travel and food are inextricably blended together in so many different ways, and in this issue of Canadian Travel Press, we’ve gathered together a mixture of culinary stories and recipes from
destinations, luxury resorts, rail lines and cruises lines that will take readers around the world and give them a sampling of the kind of tastes that are in store for those embarking on a journey to:


Even though the Azores Islands have become known as a nature and adventure destination, Azorean gastronomy and wines are receiving international attention and are a “foodie’s” delight.

While there are some shared flavours in Azorean cuisine, each island’s recipes have their own individual imprint. With the fresh sea air and all the activities building appettites, gastronomes will relish Azorean cuisine.


Nestled in the heart of the Western Caribbean, the Cayman Islands has emerged as the undisputed Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, enticing travellers and food enthusiasts from around the world with its delectable offerings.


Nestled in the countryside of Cowichan on Vancouver Island, Deerholme Farm is a bucolic paradise that epitomizes the idyllic charm of rural British Columbia. Spread across acres of lush greenery, this agricultural haven has become a symbol of sustainable farming practices and culinary excellence in the region.


For food enthusiasts, Flanders-Belgium’s culinary landscape sparkles — a harmonious blend of French finesse, hearty German flavours, and Dutch practicality. From refined chocolate pralines to meticulously crafted beers, Flemish cuisine is a celebration of taste, tradition, and innovation.


There is a certain magic that comes with exploring a new destination, and that’s discovering the flavourful world of the local cuisine. It’s a magic that can be found in every dish a guest will taste during a stay at Iberostar


A combination of ancient recipes, the hospitality of the people and the opportunity to enjoy meals in timeless settings – like the rose-red deserts of Petra or the bustling souks of Amman — make the culinary experience in Jordan unique.


For MSC Cruises, food isn’t just sustenance; it’s a way of life — a journey of quality, variety, experience, and shared moments. Whether indulging in authentic Italian classics, Mediterranean delights, or exploring global specialties inspired by the countries its ships visit, the cruise line’s commitment to using the finest, carefully selected ingredients remains unwavering.


Stretching for 47 miles from Jupiter to Boca Raton, The Palm Beaches offers everything from waterfront dining and al fresco eateries to food shacks and high-end restaurants. And that means that visitors will experience an unforgettable journey of flavours in The Palm Beaches.


With so many new bars and restaurants, Puerto Rico offers the culinary curious a taste of the Latin Caribbean. Its active food scene provides visitors with an opportunity to sip rum, take a cooking class with a local chef or go on a food tour to explore the local flavours.


If travel is all about the experience, then Rocky Mountaineer provides its guests with rail journeys that are unforgettable and food is a big part of what’s on the menu for guests taking those trips.


Farm-to-table has been a way of life in Virginia since way before it was a tourism trend; and the Commonwealth’s mild climate and abundant agriculture provides its talented chefs with access to local products year-round.

That’s just a taste of what’s in store for readers of this issue, so turn the page and discover the complete menu.