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Sports technology firm Zepp is inviting people thinking of playing golf in southern locales as winter draws near to bone up on their golfing skills in a high-tech manner.

The company has redesigned apps for its Zepp Baseball and Zepp Golf that offer new video analysis features and free content, including the ability to analyze and compare swings to famed golfers and baseball and softball players.

The analysis enables users to watch professionals swings from different angles, as well as capture their own swings on video and then compare swings side-by-side. It’s available as a free app download, with or without a Zepp sensor. Also provided by the apps are a detailed analysis of swings by the likes of PGA Tour golfer Keegan Bradley and Major League Baseball players Mike Trout and David Ortiz and specific training tips and drills.

“It’s a great tool and whether you’re in your living room or your hotel room, you don’t need a club,” Zepp CEO Jason Fass said during a Wednesday Toronto visit of advantages for golfers. “We make it all really easy.”

Zepp says when paired with its multi-sport sensor, the app “delivers the most powerful 3D training platform for baseball, golf, tennis and softball.”

“Our mission at Zepp is to build the world’s most expansive multi-sport training platform to help athletes of all levels reach their maximum potential,” Fass said. “We’re releasing a first wave of content, providing the ability to learn from the best players in game. The new video analysis features, added to the already powerful 3D analysis and performance data from the Zepp sensor, open up the power of the Zepp platform to anyone with an iOS or Android device.”

The Zepp Baseball and Golf apps are available as a free download on the AppStore and will be available on Google Play shortly. The Zepp multi-sport sensor is available at Apple stores, Best Buy and Verizon stores and for $149.

Pictured at Zepp’s Toronto event are Jason Helman of Jason Helman, Fass and Zepp’s Sean Pate.

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