Forecast 2024: There’s always something, but don’t worry, we’ll be ready for it

Somebody said to me recently that 2024 is going to be a ‘massive’ year … that everything points in that direction. But then they smiled, and added: “Unless something else happens.”

In March 2024, we’ll have been living in a pandemic world for four years and it has changed all of us. There is a sense of resolve in this industry that I’ve never seen before. A belief that no matter what challenge or disaster the industry might face, it can be beaten.

It is an attitude that’s reflected in each and every one of the forecasts that senior industry executives have contributed to Canadian Travel Press’ 2024 Forecast issue.

The economic outlook. How AI will change the industry. Sustainability. And the possibility of some new disruption – not yet seen, but which the industry is preparing itself for, because, there’s always something, isn’t there.

To discover what awaits in 2024, check out CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS’ 2024 Forecast issue.