Four Seasons Gives Agents The Inside Story

From extra-ordinary guest experiences and affluent millennial travel to multi-generational travel, representatives from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are hitting the road to engage with travel professionals on what differentiates the brand.

“We’re hoping to provide the travel industry with more in-depth knowledge about Four Seasons, information that’s intangible, that they can’t really find on a website, they can’t find in a brochure,” Jane Burnell, vice president of sales, Americas, told PressToday.

“It’s information that they really need to position Four Seasons and offer their customers a more creative itinerary for travel,” said Burnell.

Instead of the round-table meetings typical to similar events, the series, which kicked-off last night (April 11) at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, are formatted around video footage of interviews conducted with real guests, travel professionals and employees.

There will be seven stops in total, including New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles, each focusing on the local travel agency community.

“I really hope they walk away with one or two pieces of new information that will help them – not just necessarily to help them sell Four Seasons – but to help them in a hugely game changing environment that we are existing in now with travel,” she said.

As Burnell sees it: “There’s a lot of technology out there. There’s a lot of distribution out there. But the value that we place on the travel industry is something that we really want to impress on them as well because they really do support the company.”

Pictured at the event are: Burnell, Carolyn Mar, marketing manager, worldwide sales office, and Tim Dunkin, sales and marketing coordinator.