France Moves In The Next Phase

France is moving into the next phase of its plan to end the country’s lockdown today (June 2) following “a significant improvement” in the country’s health situation.

As well, the French government has indicated that it is in favour of reopening the internal border of the European Union – including both the Schengen area and the United Kingdom – as of June 15 if the health situation permits and without the obligation of a fortnight’s quarantine for travellers coming from European countries.

France also indicated that it will apply the principle of reciprocity for those Member states that keep their borders closed for travellers coming from French territories or impose quarantine on them.

The borders outside the European Union will remain closed at least until that date. A decision will then be taken at European level mid-June.

As of today (June 2), bars and restaurants will be able to reopen (open terraces only in “orange” areas), as well as museums, theatres, parks, beaches or cultural attractions. Gatherings of more than 5,000 people will remain prohibited until at least September.

Campsites, holiday villages and other collective accommodation will also be able to reopen; on June 2 in the ‘green’ zones with special rules for welcoming guests, and on June 22 for the ‘orange’ zones. For hotels, new health regulations will also come into force providing reassuring conditions for guests during their stay.

The ban on travelling to a destination distant of more than 100km from one’s place of residence was lifted today.

As a result, it is once again be possible to travel throughout the country, including overseas, without a certificate. Travel between metropolitan France and the French overseas territories will continue to be subject to a form of fortnightly travel. Air travel will be opened more widely for the summer period.

A map of the health situation in all of France’s metropolitan regions is available at and a map of its overseas territories can be found at

Note that the orange areas (Ile-de-France, Mayotte and French Guiana) on this map have more restrictive end-of-lockdown measures than the green ones.

The French Government has also clarified what is now allowed or not allowed depending on the end-of-lockdown phase and the current health situation. That information is available at .

French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe will announce additional measure on June 21.