Full Speed Ahead for TL Network Canada

TL-Network-Five GC

Despite a somewhat challenging year last year, 2017 is off to a good start for for TL Network and TL Network Canada (formerly Vacation.com) with more than 77% of Canadian members reporting that bookings are equal or higher than they were at this time in 2016.

A group of TL Network officials were in Toronto yesterday (Feb. 2) to update the trade on the company, the largest seller of luxury travel, cruises, river cruises and tours in the travel agency industry. TL Network includes nearly 7,000 travel agencies from Canada and the US and represents more than $22 billion in annual sales volume.

While he would not comment on the US political situation – “we take no position on politics, it does no good” – John Lovell, president, Travel Leaders Network & Leisure Group, said “travel promotes peace” and that “2017 is off to a strong start.”

Markets doing particularly well include Europe, Mediterranean cruises, river cruises, Alaska (“absolutely booming”) and the Caribbean, which is doing well despite a mild winter.

Out of Canada, the top destinations being booked are Mexico East, Las Vegas, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

“We are thrilled to say we are seeing strong bookings for the start of 2017 and more than 82% of our TL Network Canada members say that their clients will spend the same or more this year on travel,” said TL Network vice-president Christine James. “So based on that, it is little surprise that over 82% of our agents are optimistic that the year will be a strong one for their business.

“The goal of our agents is always to match the best vacation options to each client and do so within their budgetary needs. By using all the tools available to them as members of TL Network Canada, our agents are providing the utmost value to their clients.”

This month, TL Network Canada officially unveiled its new, mobile-friendly web site, http://www.CanadianTravelAgents.ca, featuring, among other things, the company’s lead generation tool, Agent Profiler, which enables consumers to find the perfect travel agent for their needs by selecting from a range of travel specialties, destinations and other search options.

For more on TL Network, watch for upcoming issues of Travel Courier and Canadian Travel Press.

Pictured in Toronto are Roger E. Block, president, Travel Leaders Network; James; Stephen McGillivray, chief marketing officer, Travel Leaders Group; Jose Ferreira, chief technology officer for Travel Leaders Network & Leisure Group; and Lovell.