G Adventures Launches Purpose-Led Agent Incentive

G Adventures has launched a new incentive program – its largest ever – called “Change Makers Challenge.”

The initiative challenges agents to focus on “changing people’s lives” through travel and invites them to rediscover their purpose – why they love selling travel – in the process.

The “Challenge” is live now and runs until March 31, 2019. It culminates in a “Change Makers Summit” which will take place in an undisclosed location in June. More than 100 change makers from Canada, the UK & Ireland, Central Europe, the United States, and Australia & New Zealand will be brought together in the mystery destination, where they will meet members of G Adventures’ team of global purpose specialists from around the world.

The summit will comprise of a week-long trip where agents will see firsthand the impact responsible travel has on local communities, as well as visiting destination highlights to help build their product knowledge.

Agents will automatically receive one entry per “life changed” (traveller booked) and G Adventures will give out “random act of G” gift packs and G vouchers throughout the entry period. Agents should look out for surprise challenges, as well as “social good” entry submissions (submitting completed activities that give back) to help them secure extra entries to attend.

David Green, vice-president, G Adventures, says the operator’s purpose as an organization is to change lives through travel, and the new incentive is designed to remind its valued agent partners that each G Adventures trip they sell has a positive impact on both their customers and local people in the places the company goes.

“At G Adventures, we change the lives of our travellers when they choose to explore the world with us and, as a social enterprise, we change the lives of local people in the destinations to which we travel. We’re asking our agents to become ‘Change Makers’ — to realize the impact they can have, and to recognize why our world deserves more of them, and their customers, in it.

“Back in 2013, we renamed our regional sales managers “global purpose specialists” in recognition of the work they do to help agents realize their own purpose, and this new incentive is an extension of that goal. We know purpose-driven employees are more engaged and passionate, so we want to remind agents why they love what they do,” added Green.

Agents should visit https://www.gadventures.com/changemakers, https://www.facebook.com/groups/GAdventuresCdnAgentsOfChange or speak to their regional Global Purpose Specialist for more information.