Get Active With Emerald Cruises

Emerald Cruises wants to keep its passengers active and it has been doing that through its EmeraldACTIVE tour program that it has been offering to its passengers since 2016.

Since then, program offerings have grown by close to 50% and are available on all its river sailings in Europe and Asia, with new activities like kayaking and canoeing being added.

In 2019, Emerald Cruises introduced a dedicated activity manager on all of its European river cruises, and who will lead the EmeraldACTIVE tours, offer onboard group fitness programs and assist guests with planning individual cycling tours or athletic walks while in port.

With the 2022 launch of Emerald Cruises’ first ocean-going luxury superyacht, Emerald Azzurra, EmeraldACTIVE tours will now be available on both ocean and river sailings for a total of 40 active excursion options across all Emerald Cruises itineraries.

Juna Ueda, general manager of sales for Emerald Cruises Canada, pointed out that: “Guests love the flexibility and options that our unique active program offers. Because we offer an array of EmeraldACTIVE programming on every single river itinerary, guests don’t have to book a special sailing to take part. Instead, they’re free to choose their dream destination and departure date with assurance that they’ll be able to stay active during their vacation.”

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