Get Off The Beaten Path In Europe

On his first post pandemic trip, Wolf Paunic discovered there’s no place like home.

“I decided to go back to my roots, to revisit and emotionally re-live a selection of my most favourite places in the two very trendy and inspiring European countries: Croatia and Montenegro,” the president of Trafalgar, Costsaver and Brendan Vacations Canada tells Travel Courier.

“I realized how much the pandemic changed my own travel pattern; in the super hectic pre-pandemic world, I was looking to add new countries and places of renown, as if I was trying to complete a task. Post-pandemic, I realized I enjoyed soaking in every moment of my travel: enjoying a landscape, taking a leisurely walk, deepening my understanding of the local history and people. Really enjoying slow travel.”

Although the coast of Croatia is increasingly popular for Canadians looking to soak up the vast diversity of landscapes from the North (Istria) to the South (Dalmatia), Paunic says there’s lots to see and discover that’s not as well known.

“The city of Opatija in Kvarner region was developed by Austro-Hungarian entrepreneurs who wanted to create their own Riviera, easily accessible by train from Vienna,” he says. “And so, Opatija grew into a spellbinding, old-world European resort, inclusive of a 14km long Lungomare promenade along the sea named after the famous emperor Franz Josef. A walk not to be missed, especially at sunset.”

Next to Opatija, there is the small historical fishing town of Volosko, which he describes as a precursor to its better-known neighbour.

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