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Get Secure With has launched its Cybersecurity suite of services for the global travel industry. SecurMatic’s cybersecurity as a service solutions can be utilized across travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rentals, tours & activity suppliers) and travel intermediaries (wholesalers, tour operators, travel agencies and travel management companies).

Lindsay Pereira, general manager of SecurMatic, explained that “Cyber threats to the travel industry are growing and will not slow down anytime soon. Cybercrime affects the online and offline sectors. Hackers target travel companies with the aim of stealing customer’s personal & payment information for fraudulent activity.”

Pereira pointed out that: “Travel companies have been slow to implement security programs to protect personal information. Companies need to understand what information assets to protect, how to protect it, ensure compliance to relevant regulations, train employees and build a response plan to mitigate as much damage as possible when the inevitable does occur.”

SecurMatic’s cybersecurity solutions are comprised of a 24/7 cyber threat detection and incident response service; manage security products such as firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention (IDS / IPS) devices; execute regular penetration and vulnerability tests across in-house reservation and back office systems.

Compliance/Advisory services supports organizations to build their security programs, perform risk and controls assessments, framework assessments (NIST), GDPR and PCI compliance etc.

The Overall cyber security threat landscape has become more complex for many organizations to manage on their own due to: sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks that bypass traditional controls. It takes minutes for a breach to occur and weeks / months for companies to discover they have been compromised.

Said Pereira: “SecurMatic is committed to helping organizations build their cyber security capability in detecting and responding to cyber-attacks in a timely manner, and we hope to address the inflexibility and high cost of cybersecurity services by making these services affordable & accessible to travel companies of any size (small to large).”

SecurMatic, headquartered in Toronto, assists companies defend against existing, new and emerging cyber threats and meet their increasing Information Security challenges. The team have extensive experience in the Travel Industry, Information Security, Security Architecture, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Third-Party Risk Management.

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