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Mexico Issues Statement Following Odile


Mexico’s SECTUR has issued a statement on its efforts to restore normal conditions in Baja California Sur following Hurricane Odile.

The statement notes that over 5,000 tourists have been evacuated via Mexican government airlift system. The Federal Electricity Commission and the National Water Commission both report positive efforts in restoring much needed resources and services. The National Civil Protection System reports the installation of shelters for more than 11,000 people.

Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Secretary of Tourism of Mexico and Coordinator of the Government’s effort for the economic reactivation and reconstruction of Baja California Sur post Hurricane Odile, in partnership with the General Director of the Federal Electricity Commission, Enrique Ochoa Reza, and the General Director of the National Water Commission, David Korenfeld Federman, report that due to the collaboration of the three levels of government there has been great progress in the area. The Secretary of Tourism also recognized the armed forces’ efficiency and loyalty in supporting and guaranteeing the safety of the population.

Ruiz Massieu further noted that the increased frequency in airlift service has allowed 5,000 tourists to safely return home. Additionally, she stated that the work of the Federal Government led to implementing measures that guarantee the ultimate evacuation of all tourists, allowing them to return to their respective countries.

The Federal Electricity Commission reported on the progress in restoring electrical services. At 7:00 hours, 23% of electricity had been restored in La Paz; whereas 60% had been restored in the northern area of the state. Los Cabos, the most affected municipality, has seen a slower pace in re-establishing electricity; therefore, additional personnel and equipment have been deployed to help in the relief efforts. Currently, emergency electricity plants are being installed in the area.

Furthermore, the National Water Commission has intensified efforts in working to meet their goal of restoring fresh water supply to the state. The latest reports show no visible damages to the infrastructure or wells.

The National Civil Protection System reported the installation of shelters for more than 11 thousand people that were displaced from vulnerable areas. Reports state that food supplies are guaranteed for those affected. Additionally, the Army, Marine Corps and Federal Police maintain a strong presence in the state to assist in safeguarding the population.


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