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Getting To Work During A Pandemic

Are Employers Responsible For Getting Employees To Work

This week, TraveLaw Online has been responding to travel agents’ questions about the workplace and the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee — something that has become increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, travel law experts, Doug Crozier and Tim Law of Heifetz, Crozier, Law respond to the third question in the three-part Q&A, on concerns over the use of public transit by employees. Come to work? Or stay home?

Q: More than half of our staff take public transit to work. That worries me, and it worries them. Can they legitimately tell me that they won’t be coming to work until this health scare is over, or the busses are found to be virus-free?

A: No. Your obligation is to provide a safe work environment for those who work for you. That applies to the destination, once a staff member arrives. But how that staff member gets there is her responsibility, not yours.

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