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Give The Gift Of Travel With Air Canada

Between now and Dec. 1, Air Canada has a new flight pass option. Called the “Gift of Travel Flight Pass,” it offers travel to one of six geographic zones (Canada, US, South America, Europe, Asia, or Sun) anytime between now and April 2022, with the utmost flexibility.

The Gift of Travel Flight Pass is special in how it works:

  • It can be given as a gift to any Aeroplan member (If they’re not already a member, they just need to sign up prior to booking travel).
  • The giver only chooses the travel zone.
  • The recipient can choose the specific destination from anywhere Air Canada flies to within that travel zone up to two hours before takeoff.
  • The recipient has until April 20, 2022 to take and complete their trip.

The Gift of Travel Flight Pass is purchased in one-way flight credits, including connecting flights, with both Economy and Business Class credits available. So,two credits is a return trip for one traveller.

Here are some examples of the pricing per one credit:

  • Europe and North Africa –  starting at $549 per flight credit.
  • South America – starting at $599 per flight credit.
  • Asia – starting at $699 per flight credit.

For more on the new pass, along with full pricing, go to




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