Agents' Choice 2020


Ontario-based Global Travel Acquisitions (GTA) has announced the expansion of the services it offers to the travel industry. While the company will continue to facilitate and play an advisory role on mergers and acquisitions, the expanded support services will include advisory, consulting and management support that will focus on sales, marketing, operations, finance and technology. GTA is now positioned to advise and provide support with the challenges travel agencies deal with on a regular basis, such as business development, customer loyalty, financial management, marketing, staff performance, strategic planning and overall business performance improvement. “We are confident that the experience, expertise and skill set we offer will help travel agencies identify their strengths and weaknesses, adapt to the changing industry and improve their market performance and bottom line results. This in turn will make the company more attractive and valuable to potential buyers when the time comes to sell,”said GTA president John Kennedy. For further information, contact GTA at 416-231-1220 or .

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