GlobalData taps into GenAI trends for 2024

For those wondering where things were at with Generative AI (GenAI) in 2023, GlobalData reports that a comprehensive analysis of influencer discussions on social media platform X has unveiled a curated selection of focal themes within Generative AI. And that analysis provides some insights into the anticipated trends for 2024.

Smitarani Tripathy, social media analyst at GlobalData, observed that: “Influencers on X were enthusiastic about the progress of GenAI, especially about its capacity to create authentic and relevant content.”

Tripathy continued: “The key areas for the coming year include innovation in open-source AI models, acknowledged for their transformative potential across sectors. Additionally, influencers emphasize the need for AI regulation and security measures, underscoring the significance of ethical AI application amid the dynamic AI landscape.”

Some of the trends that are developing for the coming year, include:

Open-source models and LLM operating systems

Influencers expect 2024 to be a revolutionary year for AI, marked by the ascent of open-source AI models and LLM operating systems, challenging the established models like GPT-4. They believe that these advancements will democratize access and spur innovation across various sectors, encouraging companies to embrace these technologies for enhanced productivity. However, influencers also point to the challenges this shift brings, emphasizing the need to address ethical concerns and strengthen security measures.

Stringent AI regulations

They also emphasize the need for ethical regulations in 2024. The rise of open-source AI models and applications in various sectors bring challenges, including data privacy and cybersecurity risks. Therefore, they advocate for responsible AI utilization through stringent regulations and guidelines by organizations and governments to mitigate potential risks.

Entertainment and education with AI-generated videos

Influencers also believe that 2024 will mark a significant milestone in AI-generated videos, as they overcome the challenge of temporal consistency. This advancement leads to a longer, more coherent video content, a critical evolution in the field. Influencers see this as a revolutionary change, particularly for the entertainment and education industries, offering novel methods for creating and experiencing video content. This development is not just a step forward; it’s a complete transformation of how we approach video production and engagement.

Expanding role of GenAI in cloud technology

They expect 2024 to be a transformative year for the integration of AI and cloud technology, primarily driven by advancements in generative AI. They observe key shifts in the tech landscape as businesses, like Adobe, navigate the integration of new AI tools amid fluctuating sales. The emergence of open-source AI and LLM operating systems, challenging dominant models like GPT-4, indicates a move towards more accessible and varied AI applications in numerous sectors. This trend signifies a major evolution in technology, opening new paths for innovation and industry growth.

AI-driven security and threats

And influencers suggest that Generative AI will play a critical role in both enhancing cybersecurity and posing new threats in 2024. They see this technology as a double-edged sword, capable of fortifying defenses against cyber threats while simultaneously enabling more sophisticated attacks. Influencers believe that organizations must prioritize advanced AI tools for robust security, while also preparing for the complex challenges brought by AI-enhanced cyber threats.

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