Tour Operators

Globus Enhances Booking Communications


The Globus family of brands has launched new initiatives in client communications.

Effective Dec. 2, every booking will generate five client-focused messages at important stages of the travel process, all including the agency contact info. They will comprise: a Welcome Notice immediately after booking; what to know before you go in the Getting Close message three months out; e-ticket receipts and luggage info in the Ready to Go message 30 to 40 days out; Happy Trails will provide arrival and transfer info two days prior to departure; and the Welcome Back message will be sent to agents as a reminder five days after the clients’ return.

“Much of our product is booked many months – even over a year – in advance, and we think this is a great way for agents to stay in touch with their clients in a friendly and helpful way to ensure they’ve not been forgotten during that long period between booking and travel,” says Stéphanie Bishop, managing director for the Globus family of brands in Canada.