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Globus Family Of Brands Ready For 2020

Stephanie Bishop (in the photo) will tell you that the fact that the Globus Family of Brands sells the world is a good thing, but at the same time, selling the world also comes with some big challenges.

Bishop, managing director, Canada for the company and Chris Jones (in the photo), the company’s new marketing manager here, took some time out of their busy schedules to brief the trade media on, in Bishop’s words, “the gazillion things we do.”

Now for those a little vague on the numeric value of “gazillion,” Bishop offered a more specific figure, observing that the Globus Family of Brands has 61 new initiatives that it will be rolling out into the market in 2020.

However, top of mind is the arrival of the brand new – you can still smell the printer’s ink – Globus and Cosmos Europe brochures that offer an extensive array of programs that should suit the tastes of just about any client an agent has.

But the company is also expanding its off-the-beaten-path offerings which it launched originally in Italy; then last year in Great Britain; and this year, it’s introducing Undiscovered Mediterranean itineraries.

As Bishop explains things, the company has been changing its product profile on an ongoing basis in order to meet the changing nature of today’s travellers.

She points out that “people want more intimate experiences, they want to get off the beaten path” and the Globus Family of Brands response was the launch of its Italy program – Off The Beaten Piazza; then Great Britain – Off The Beaten Cobblestones; and now its Undiscovered Mediterranean program.

Escapes by Globus, now in its third season, is another way that the company is changing to meet the demands of today’s traveller with a program that offers off-season Europe itineraries at a time when it’s less crowd, temperatures are milder and the prices are attractive.

In this respect, Bishop emphasizes that today’s travellers are looking for experiences and she notes as well that the profile of the traveller is also changing.

While Baby Boomers are still a big deal, there is a younger audience that is coming into play and Bishop said that the Cosmos product certainly has an appeal to that kind of traveller, offering them freedom, unique experiences and attractive price points.

As well, the company offers travellers some unique experiences through Monograms and onboard Avalon Waterways.

So where do travel agents fit? Well, Bishop observed that: “We live and breathe our relationship with agents – they’re the backbone of our business.”

Not surprisingly, Globus Family of Brands has nine business development managers in place across Canada; it has a call centre to support agents when they have questions or need help; have a travel agent portal; and provide a wide range of marketing and collateral material to help agents.

So stay tuned, there’s lots more to come from the Globus Family of Brands as the industry heads into 2020.

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