Globus Kicks Off New Era In Touring

Globus family of brands is launching its very first Choice Touring by Globus itinerary in Europe with the departure of The Alps Out Loud: Switzerland & Lake Como by Design this week.

A new touring style that was developed during the COVID shutdown, Choice Touring by Globus promises wayfarers and wanderers all the wonder of discovering the world with a touch of whim and all the fun of exploring new destinations with the infusion of flexibility.

Stéphanie Bishop, managing director for the Globus family of brands, explained that: “With Choice Touring by Globus, we’re providing travellers with a new way to tour. The unique itineraries we have unveiled make touring smaller, more connected and more fun. When travellers choose from a menu of options, they’re bonding with small groups of like-minded people, giving them immediate connections from which to enjoy the rest of their journey together.”

The very first travellers to enjoy this new, “all you” touring style in Europe embark today, April 29, on The Alps Out Loud. This itinerary will invite them to sip, taste or stroll their way through Geneva; to spend the day walking the storied streets of Milan or floating along the villages, villas and vistas of Lake Como before feasting on homemade pasta or ascending the vineyard clad hillsides of Bellinzona for lunch.

The trip is simply head and “yodels” above the rest, thanks to its selection of YourChoice Excursions. Then, on May 15, Globus will extend its 2022 Choice Touring launch into North America with its first-ever departure of Boogie & Blues: The Southern U.S. By Design.

In total, the company has unveiled 13 NEW Choice Touring by Globus itineraries across Europe and North America.

Said Bishop: “One size does not always fit all and Choice Touring caters to today’s traveller. With this new travel style, and YourChoice Excursions, our guests can now spend their days, their way in dozens of destinations across Europe and North America.”

According to Bishop, the average Choice Touring itinerary features three (3) YourChoice destinations with approximately nine (9) excursion options.

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