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Globus Wants to Play T.A.G. With Agents


Agents keeping the 88-page Globus family of brands’ Travel Agent Guide and Group Planner close at hand can earn themselves treats from Tim Hortons.

Globus secret shoppers will be visiting and phoning agencies between June 15 and July 31 this year. If they visit an office and ask an agent if he or she has a copy of the Guide handy, the lucky agent will instantly receive a $10 Tim Hortons gift card. Or, if a secret shopper calls and asks a simple question in reference to the Guide, a quick correct answer will earn the agent a gift card which will be sent to them.

The Globus guide is packed with insider selling tips, revenue opportunities, policy guidelines, agents’ rates, tour/cruise line comparisons and more. Agents who don’t already have a copy are welcome to request one through Go Direct at http://www.mywurldtravelagent.com ; or from insidesales@globusfamily.ca .

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