GLP Worldwide: Built for travellers

Getting up close and personal with destinations


GLP Worldwide is sporting a new tagline, Travel for Travellers, and it’s all about appealing to those seeking the road – or in many cases ship – less travelled, reports Ann Ruppenstein in this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier.

“The whole concept for Travel for Travellers is to appeal to well-travelled Canadians. Somebody who has already done the tourist circuit, and now they want to do something different and spend a little bit more time in the heart of the destination. That’s the kind of stuff we’re looking for – really off-the-beaten track,” says Alan Law, director of sales & marketing for GLP Worldwide.

“A lot of this stemmed from conversations with our travel agents. The travel agent community wanted programs which appeal to people who are well-travelled,” Law said.

Founded in 1999 by Patrick Tsung and Gordon Dreger, GLP Worldwide partners with lesser-known marine and land operators — “the ones that you might only come across if you happened to be in that part of the world” – offering expert industry knowledge and personal insights. It is a company, they point out, that is “built by travellers themselves.”

Along with dropping Expedition and Tours from its name, one of the biggest changes for GLP Worldwide is that product and supplier offerings are now separated into four categories: ocean, river, expedition and rail, each of which features new brochures.

“We’ve sort of turned our concept on its head,” he says. “We’ve always been known for the niche travel, small-ship cruising off-the-beaten track itineraries, but we’ve also been known as a rep for AmaWaterways, a rep for Hurtigruten, known for repping different lines. What we’ve done is we’ve broken down our product line into modes of travel so we have ocean, river, expedition and rail, and in each of these we sort of hand-selected certain itineraries, which we felt appealed best to Canadian travellers.”

For the full story, check out this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier by clicking here.

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