GNTB Earns Top Green Globe Status

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has received Green Globe certification for the year 2022/23 for the 10th time in a row. The GNTB has now achieved the highest possible standard and can now call itself a “Platinum Member.”

Petra Hedorfer, Chairwoman of the GNTB Executive Board, said: “Tourism is particularly challenged to make its contribution to achieving the 1.5-degree target and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more than a decade, our sustainability strategy has deliberately focused not only on the targeted marketing of sustainable offerings and the transfer of knowledge between the international travel industry and partners in the Germany tourism, but also on the consistent sustainable orientation of our own operational work.”

In 2022, the GNTB once again expanded its commitment to sustainability with numerous initiatives and projects.

One focus was on implementing SDG accounting and optimization in all areas of the company with concrete action guidelines, for example with a Balance Score Card to determine the sustainability performance of events.

Emissions are now recorded in the company’s digital performance review. Workshops and training sessions were held with all employees for this purpose.

During the first Sustainable Tourism Day in September 2022, GNTB partners received guidance for their own initiatives in discussions with renowned experts, stakeholders, and decision-makers.

In addition, the GNTB presented a progress report on its sustainable marketing approach for the first-time last year.

The Green Globe Certification Standard is a globally recognized certification process specifically for the travel industry.

Participants must document their activities in the areas of sustainable management, social, economic, cultural heritage, and environment in the Green Globe system. An accredited independent auditor assesses the company on site.

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