GNTB launches new Wagner microsite

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has launched a new web site for the bicentenary of Richard Wagner’s birth. Visitors with an interest in culture can now find information on special events during the anniversary year and on Wagner’s life and work at . Entitled “Music is the language of passion,”the new microsite is available in German and English and features an interactive map to help travellers follow in the footsteps of Wagner. The 13 towns and cities in Germany most closely associated with Wagner’s life and legacy are marked on the map and profiled in the context of the great composer. “Richard Wagner is one of Germany’s most famous composers and his music delights audiences all over the world. The new Wagner website gives travelers a compelling insight into the composer’s life and provides information on a whole host of events marking the anniversary year. This makes the Wagner microsite an invaluable tool for planning a tour of the places where Wagner lived and worked,”says Petra Hedorfer, chief executive officer of the GNTB. The new Wagner microsite is part of the GNTB’s worldwide sales and marketing campaign promoting the key theme “200 Years of Richard Wagner.”