Go Behind-The-Scenes In Europe With Collette

Perched on a terraced vineyard overlooking the Douro Valley in Portugal, the view of all views has left your client speechless. And for this stunning vista at a unique luxurious winery hotel, the river meanders below as the wine terraces cling to the hillside.

A moment earlier, your client walked out of their hotel room, right into a vineyard ready for a dazzling dining experience that combines wine pairings in a carefully curated experience, all of which, tailored by Collette’s entrepreneurial design team led by Paul Vieira, the company’s senior global contracting manager.

Vieira oversees Collette’s travel product procurement for Portugal, Spain, France and Morocco. But then again, for the third-generation Portuguese-American (Portuguese heritage on father’s side), it’s rare travel opportunities like these that elevate Collette’s premium travel brand to the forefront of its competition.

“With our buying and designing team being on the ground, we’re able to curate these fantastic tours that are really taking local culture, locally,” he says and adds that Collette’s travel products have the unique ability to adapt and change due to consumer feedback from the company’s digital data. “So we’re really quickly able to pivot and make adjustments to our product based on what the travellers are saying,” he told Travel Courier in a one-on-one interview at Chiado in Toronto.

For Ilona Kauremszky’s full interview with Collette’s Paul Vieira, check out the latest issue of TRAVEL COURIER.