Go Beyond The Beach In Jamaica

Amidst the vibrant art-filled streets and alleyways of Downtown Kingston, self-taught artist Conroy Green is on day five of creating a new mural for Kingston Creative’s Paint the City project.

Stepping back from his work — his first major solo mural — he explains that the piece represents revivalism and linking modern society with its culture and heritage.

“The concept of this mural is the culture of Jamaica represented by dancing and singing. I took an approach on spirituality because I believe we’re a culture evolved from this,” he shares. “This is somewhat taboo, it isn’t necessary at the forefront of our culture today, but it’s very much a part of who we are — praise and worship, stuff like that.”

Green’s work is one of over 60 pieces that have been created to date as part of the initiative by nonprofit arts organization Kingston Creative. The goal is to transform the area into a vibrant art district and to stimulate growth in the creative economy.

“They’re working to change the narrative of Kingston. They’re working to bring back business, bring back attractions,” explains Sedrecia Francis, media relations officer for the Jamaica Tourist Board based in Kingston. “The murals depict everything that’s a part of our culture.”

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