Go dynamic with Encore

Encore Cruises has introduced a number of new enhancements to its online booking engine that will let agents dynamically package their clients’ air and cruise components to create custom cruise vacations. Amr Younes, vice-president of Encore Cruises, said: “The system is now much more user friendly. These enhancements make the entire booking flow virtually seamless, enabling agents to book every aspect of their client’s cruise vacation from start to finish.” A key enhancement is that the system now offers the ability to book the air component alongside the cruise. “Agents booking through our cruise booking engine are now also able to access the great airfares available through Intair and Network, providing their clients with the best rates possible,” Younes stated. Adding that: “This includes air/sea contracts, consolidated fares, regular published fares and seat sales.” Other enhancements include features such as tabbed booking details (itinerary, ship information, deck plans, stateroom categories etc) available throughout the entire booking flow that lets agents quickly gather information and answer questions without having to stop the booking process or leave the screen; the ability to upgrade or downgrade in category and see the price difference as agents are making the booking; check the specific ship’s dining times and availability (provided the cruise line itself offers this option); view interactive desk plans when selecting a stateroom; and much more. Younes said that Encore “will be building on this further with the introduction of even more enhancements next month, including the ability to book multiple cabins and package them with air in the same transaction.” Go to for additional information.