Good News From Canada For The Dominican Republic

Minister of Tourism, David Collado was in Canada last week for the second time in six months, sharing the news that there was lots of good news from the Canadian market for the Dominican Republic.

In meetings with tour operators, airlines, agents and industry partners, Minister Collado made it clear that Canadians are a key market for the Dominican Republic and the government is proactively working to support local partners.

In addition, he presented recent statistics that tell a story of remarkable recovery and growth.

The Dominican Republic’s Minister of Tourism said that: “The Dominican Republic is a favorite sun destination for Canadians. We had nearly 1,700 flights from Canada the first 10 months of the year. A large source of traffic comes out of Ontario with a 97% increase this year over 2021.”

Collado continued: “Canadian customer satisfaction remains very high with 9 out of 10 exit polls showing guests would return in future. Hotels and excellent beaches were the elements most often cited in customer satisfaction surveys.”

Punta Cana remains the favorite destination with current reservations up 20% over pre-pandemic bookings.

Said Collado: “We have just confirmed 500 additional flights into Punta Cana this winter. It is one of the most popular sun destinations out of Canada and we want to ensure that agents have inventory to sell.”

The Minister acknowledged that while inflation has increased the cost of travel, only 7% of Canadians said they would cancel travel plans. They will, however, be seeking economical options.

He pointed out that: “We are well positioned to cater to a price sensitive market because our packages offer excellent value. We have a high level of service, competitive pricing, and a reputation for safety and service. This all combines to make us highly competitive heading into the winter season.”

Given the importance of Canadian tourists, the Dominican Republic puts emphasis on proactively promoting the destination and working closely with airlines, tour operators, and agents to ensure they have the tools needed to promote the country.

Collado concluded: “Canadians have always had a special affinity for our country and we are delighted to see such a robust response for this winter. We are grateful for your support and look forward to welcoming you to the sun soon.”

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