Good Things Ahead For TTI Travel

It was a celebration that had been long-delayed, so, not surprisingly, it was a welcome return to normalcy as TTI Travel welcomed its partners to its new offices on Yonge Street in Toronto for its annual holiday get together.

CEO Rocky Racco and the TTI team were there to greet guests as they arrived for a relaxed evening of conversation and camaraderie with old and new friends and which even included an operatic performance by Alexa Frankian as well as some carol singing by the assembled gathering.

As for business, well Racco told Press today that TTI’s leisure business was “more than 100% recovered,” while its corporate business was “moving to 70%” of its pre-pandemic level.

Looking ahead to 2023 and 2024, Racco made it clear that the “trend was upward,” although he said that there were still some ‘glitches’ in terms of services and consistency of delivery, making the role that TTI plays with its clients even more important going forward.

Asked about 2022, TTI’s CEO said that the company’s business had been on “an accelerated upward swing” since March 1, driven by its blue-chip corporate clients and its high-value leisure customers.

All in all, it was an evening of good friends and good news, which is really what the holiday season is all about.

Stay tuned, you can be sure that there’ll be more from TTI Travel in 2023.