Good Works By Hurtigruten Foundation

In 2018, Hurtigruten Foundation awarded funding for projects that included everything from preserving the shores of South Georgia; recycling plastic in the Philippines; growing fresh vegetables in the High Arctic; to rescue dogs, local initiatives and conserving the polar bear population.

For years, the Hurtigruten’s guests have contributed to the local communities and areas Hurtigruten operates.

Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam observed: “We established Hurtigruten Foundation to ensure that our guests of tomorrow can enjoy the same unique experiences as our guests of today. Working closely with guests, partners and organizations, Hurtigruten believes we can make a difference — by minimizing our operational impact and maximizing the positive contribution we make to local communities.”

Through the Hurtigruten Foundation, Hurtigruten grants funds to projects, communities and organizations focused around three main pillars:

  • Conserving the world’s polar bear population.
  • Fighting against marine and plastic pollution.
  • Financially supporting global and local projects at the over 200 destinations in more than 30 countries Hurtigruten’s ships and guests explore.

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Polar research support: Hurtigruten Foundation grants funds to projects, communities and organizations. Among them projects working to conserving the polar bear population. Photo: Dominic Barrington/Hurtigruten