Goodbye Presents, Hello Holiday


It seems tablets, high-end blenders and video game consoles aren’t topping the list this holiday season. asked Canadians what they would really like to unwrap this holiday and the majority of Canadians were united in their response – travel was so desired that 95% of respondents were willing to give up all their presents to take their dream trip over the holiday break.

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The global survey examined preferences and travel plans throughout the holiday season. Canadian-specific findings included:

How many Canadians are travelling over the holidays?

  • 26%, of Canadians are planning to travel abroad and stay in a hotel, as compared to 16% of respondents globally.
  • 15% plan to stay elsewhere in Canada in a hotel.
  • 44% plan to stay at home.
  • What is the most important factor when choosing a hotel for the holidays?
  • The most popular response was a hotel that offers a traditional Christmas celebration (28%), although most Canadians (64%) didn’t seem fussed when choosing a holiday hotel.

For Canadians travelling internationally over the holidays, where are they going?

  • United States – American cities continue to be popular among Canuck travellers and were also chosen as both the number one travel wish and destination for 2015.
  • Mexico.
  • Cuba.

Why are they travelling for the holidays?

  • 38% want sun and warm temperatures.
  • 25% want quality time with their families.
  • 14% want to experience Christmas elsewhere.

Aside from the weather, Canadians mostly preferred traditional holiday enjoyments, choosing:

  • Sun over ski.
  • Family time over free time.
  • Christmas trees over palm trees.
  • Christmas turkey over a vegetarian meal.
  • Water over eggnog – this, like Christmas cake, is a tradition that has Canadians divided.
  • A trip to Paris over presents.

If travelling for Christmas (without their families), Canadians would most miss:

  • Family (63%) – no surprise there.
  • Their usual Christmas food (31%).
  • Local Christmas traditions/friends (29%).

Fortunately, if you miss Christmas with the family, you’ll likely make up for it on New Years as more than half (57%) of Canadians plan to spend New Year’s Eve at home this year.