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Goway Travel has launched an “Adopt a Penguin”program for the Falkland Islands. “The Falklands are the next Galapagos Islands, with an abundance of wildlife, predominantly penguins. While they are present in large numbers, their habitat and natural surroundings are under increasing pressure,”said Don Forster, product and marketing manager for Goway’s specialist Latin America division. “Our Adopt a Penguin program in the Falkland Islands is one step towards helping ensure the survival of not only pristine vistas, but also the wildlife that calls this area home.”Goway will adopt a penguin for a year in their client’s name, for anyone travelling to the Falkland Islands. The traveller can then choose to renew their adoption after a year. The adoption will help safeguard the future of the varied penguin species that inhabit the islands. All the birds for adoption are wild King Penguins living at Volunteer Point on East Falkland. This is one of the most northerly colonies for this bird in the world. Funds raised go to assisting rescued oiled birds, ensuring minimal disturbance when nesting and rearing their young, investigating outbreaks of infection and disease, and advising landowners and government on environmental safeguards. By travelling to the Falklands, visitors will not only see one of the world’s most amazing destinations, but will also fund research programs to improve the understanding of the majestic King Penguins and their brethren. Goway has two eight-day unique itineraries encapsulating the natural history of the island with a strong focus on the wildlife – the Falklands Wildlife from $3,535 and also the modern man made history of the Falklands war on the Wildlife and Battlefields itinerary from $3,745. Fully customizable options are also available based on travellers’ interest – People and Government, Wildlife, the Falklands War or specialist activities such as photographer or fishing. LAN flies to the Falklands every Saturday morning, departing from Santiago and flying via the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas. (http://www.Goway.com)

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