Goway donates $14,000 towards rhino conservation efforts

Goway recently pledged a $14,000 CAD donation to Project Rhino, an alliance of dedicated organizations focused on safeguarding the rhinoceros population in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa from poaching.

Recognizing that the protection of rhinos is emblematic of broader wildlife preservation efforts, Project Rhino’s mission extends beyond the rhinoceros to the conservation of all endangered species facing existential threats.

The contribution will aid Project Rhino’s initiatives in anti-poaching efforts, habitat preservation, community engagement, and public awareness campaigns.

Committed to sustainability

Goway is dedicated to sustainable practices and the preservation of natural heritage around the world.

“We are honoured to contribute to the vital work of Project Rhino in protecting our precious rhinoceros population and preserving the rich biodiversity of the region,” said Moira Smith, vice-president of Africa and Asia at Goway. “This donation reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and our belief in the collective responsibility to safeguard our planet’s natural treasures.”

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