Goway Goes Beyond the Beaches of Mexico


Goway’s Latin America program has moved northward.

The latest addition to Goway’s Latin America program is Mexico, with Goway’s Don Forster telling a Dec. 2 Toronto audience that Goway’s program to the northernmost Latin America country differs markedly from most other tour operator Mexico programs.

“We’re talking about the other side of Mexico,” he said of a program that goes “beyond the beaches.”

Goway added Mexico to its Latin America lineup in September and Forster said the bulk of it focuses on an area ranging from Mexico City to the country’s frontier with Central America.
Goway is showcasing the likes of pre-Columbian archeological sites, natural attractions, Mexican cuisine and colonial cities.

Among archeological sites singled out by Forster are the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, which Forster labelled the “Machu Picchu of Mexico.”

But he added there are many other Maya sites – such as “very picturesque” Palenque and Uxmal – that are also interesting and don’t draw the large crowds that Chichen Itza does.

Indeed, the state of Yucatan has “ruins, ruins and more ruins,” said Forster, who added that those exploring the region with Goway can stay in “classical haciendas” that now serve as hotels.

Forster praised other aspects of Goway’s Mexico program, such as “stunningly beautiful” colonial cities; the city of Tequila, where visitors can be familiarized with the production of the alcohol of the same name; and northwestern Mexico’s Copper Canyon, which he said is deeper than the Grand Canyon of the southwestern United States. “It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s stunning.” The Copper Canyon offers “one of the top rail journeys in the world,” he continued.
Mexico City serves as a base for much of Goway’s program and Forster pronounced its Museum of Anthropology as “one of the best museums in the world.”

A visit to the Mexican capital can also provide savings on dental work, he continued, saying he knows of someone who paid $6,000 for dentistry there that would have cost $20,000 here.

Forster said “security is not an issue” in the parts of Mexico Goway is now offering.

He added that those wishing to explore interior Mexico and end their trip with a couple of days in a beach resort can do so. “We’re not focusing on the beaches, but we’re not ignoring the beaches.”

Pictured are Goway’s Forster and Ben Stasiuk; the Mexico Tourism Board’s Susana Moreno; and Goway’s Sam Cottar and Aubrey Schmidt.