Goway Goes Interactive With New Brochure

Your Next Journey: The Best of Goway Travel is the operator’s newly launched interactive digital brochure and marks the first time ever, travel ideas from across all of Goway’s destination regions are included in one brochure with a brand new design and simplified presentation.

For over 50 years, Goway has provided tailor-made travel for globetrotters and Your Next Journey is a bold first step into the next 50 years, offering curated insight and inspiration for world travellers.

Your Next Journey: The Best of Goway Travel features over 450 travel ideas curated by Goway’s team of Destination Specialists, the experts in customized travel, as well as tips, insights, and even in-destination photos supplied by these globetrotting specialists.

These travel ideas feature vacations to all of Goway’s destination regions, including Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the UK and Europe, Central and South America, and Polar Voyages. All of Goway’s travel ideas have been standardized in terms of accommodation level and travel style across all regions, ensuring a seamless reading experience. These trips are also the best-selling and most popular vacations for Globetrotters, so the brochure offers travel professionals a collection of trips that are surefire hits for potential clients.

As well, all pages in the brochure have embedded links back to Goway’s main website, ensuring that it’s easy for travellers and travel professionals to get in touch about the trips included within.

Not only has Goway collected the best of its travel offerings within one travel brochure, but they’ve also reimagined over 1,000 of their travel ideas across all departmental regions.

This includes a standardization of travel styles, accommodations, and packages across all regions into moderate, first-class, and deluxe labels.

Goway has also cultivated a greater focus on private-guided experiences, with over 20% of its product line offering private tours and transfers.

As well, the operator has introduced the new Idyllic Retreats line of refined and relaxing getaways in destinations all around the world, offering travellers the ideal way to relax and unwind. Goway even features new destinations for the first time, with vacations to the West African nations of Ghana, Togo, and Benin.

Adam Hodge, VP of Marketing at Goway, said that: “Your Next Journey is a great conversation starter for travel agents looking to re-engage their loyal past customers. It projects the positivity, excitement, and inherent beauty that we all love and miss about travelling the world. It’s a great way to take the first step on our next journey together.”

And to celebrate the launch of Your Next Journey, Goway is having a quiz that offers agents a bonus $25 on their GowayPro Rewards Card. Agents can answer questions about the brochure and get rewarded.