Goway Launches GowayPro Travel Academy

Goway has launched the GowayPro Travel Academy in order to help travel professionals expand their destination knowledge and level up their business.

The GowayPro Travel Academy features training modules on over 22 destinations (at launch) across all seven continents. Subscribers can take individual country courses and learn key information on its nature, culture, and history, as well as its main tourist attractions and selling points.

Travel professionals will also acquire expert insights into various travel styles and strategies for securing repeat bookings. It offers practical travel knowledge in a fun and easy-to-understand package.

After completing an individual country course, subscribers earn a Bronze specialist status for that country, which includes email badges and electronic certificates. Subscribers can upgrade their status to Silver, Gold, and Platinum by expanding their knowledge of travel regions and entire continents.

In addition to earning Goway-certified specialist status, subscribers also gain access to bonus rewards on their GowayPro Rewards Card, as well as exclusive benefits, including VIP invitations to FAMs and discounted personal travel. The GowayPro Travel Academy is run by “Professor Goway” Don Forster, and is supported by Goway’s extensive network of Account Managers and Destination Specialists.

Renee Stanton, Director of Sales at Goway, said that: “Goway has spent the past few years creating an innovative and comprehensive travel educational platform. By taking advantage of our over 50 years of experience in designing customized FIT itineraries on all seven continents, and channelling all that knowledge into informative and interactive video modules, we think we have found a fun and inspirational way to pass on pertinent and valuable expert information and tips.”

Stanton continued: “We believe knowledge is power and are committed to making travel professionals’ lives easier through industry-leading training and sales assistance. The GowayPro Travel Academy is another tangible way that Goway is helping travel professionals grow their business and secure repeat customers.”

It’s time for travel professionals to level up their travel knowledge. With the GowayPro Travel Academy, the more they learn, the more they earn. An individual membership to the GowayPro Travel Academy is valued at $49.99 per month or $499 per year. However, Goway’s preferred partners can enjoy complimentary subscriptions as an introductory special.

Travel professionals can visit our enrollment page to subscribe to the GowayPro Travel Academy.

They can also register for an informational webinar on July 7th.

Attendees will be entered into a draw to win a 2-night stay at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Ka’anapali in Hawaii.

To learn more about the GowayPro Travel Academy, email [email protected].