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Goway launches new line of small group journeys

Odysseys by Goway is a new line of unforgettable small group journeys, guided by Goway.

This curated collection of small group travel experiences offers a refined pace and unique experiences that are sure to wow world travellers.

About Odysseys by Goway

Despite including trips to 10 different countries around the world, all Odysseys by Goway are united by core principles:

  • Stay Longer, Explore More: Travellers stay longer in each destination to enjoy a more leisurely pace and discover hidden gems in each stop.
  • Small Groups for Close Connections: Each travel group has a maximum of 16 guests, which allows for more intimate travel experiences and meaningful bonds between travellers.
  • Elevated Travel Experiences: Travellers spend less time on their luxury tour vehicle and more time in destination, as well as stay in premium accommodations throughout the journey.
  • Guided by Globetrotters: Goway guides these journeys every step of the way. Destination Specialists handle the booking process while Goway guides and drivers escort travellers during their trip.

More trips coming soon

Currently, travellers can book 12 different Odysseys by Goway to 10 countries: Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Goway plans to introduce more Odysseys by Goway within the near future, including trips to Australia and South Africa. Odysseys by Goway also have guaranteed departure dates, so travellers and travel advisors can book with confidence.

“Odysseys by Goway showcase our dedication to providing travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary,” says Craig Canvin, senior vice-president, Goway Travel. “These are unique travel experiences with a relaxed pace that is ideal for world travellers who don’t want to rush…They demonstrate our strong relationships with suppliers and the breadth and depth of our product…Odysseys by Goway are made to impress and we’re excited to share them with the wider travel world.”