Goway Making Group Travel Easier

Goway is making booking a group trip for 10 or more travellers easier with the launch of Goway Groups Only’s Journey to Success.

Goway Groups Only has a staff of true group experts who can customize any kind of group trip to over 115 destinations worldwide. With the new Journey to Success, group sellers can enjoy a more seamless booking process than ever before with four exclusive tools and an elevated support journey.

Goway Groups Only’s Journey to Success includes:

  • A Groups Management Tool to aid in collating all required client details.
  • A Groups Marketing Toolkit featuring best practices, tips, and tricks for marketing a group.
  • A Groups Marketing Coaching Session with a Goway Account Manager to review a plan for marketing to maximize success.
  • A five-part training video series on how to book group trips for 10 or more travellers.

The tools are provided to travel advisors and group leaders when booking a group with Goway Groups Only, in addition to a state-of-the-art email journey to help everyone stay on track when planning a group vacation.

Shirley Rourke, VP Groups Only, said: “Our aim is to engage our clients throughout the lifetime of a group booking,” “We want to maximize everyone’s efforts to ensure maximized profits.  We don’t want travel advisors and group leaders to just book a group; we want it to be a smooth process and to ensure a great return on their investment.”

As well, when booking a group trip with Goway Groups Only, travel advisors can also earn rewards on their GowayPro Visa rewards card and a wild card stamp on the popular Passport to a Free FAM program. Group leaders can even qualify for free trips.

To learn more about Goway Groups Only or to start planning a customized group trip for 10 or more travellers, visit Goway Groups Only’s website.