Goway Picks A Winner In Elephant Naming Contest

Goway, in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Services, has announced the name of its sponsored Kenyan elephant — Tumaini, which means in Swahili.

For the past two months, Goway has been sponsoring a contest to get travel agents to suggest names for the elephant. Every travel professional who made a booking to Africa with Goway over that time was invited to help name the sponsored elephant.

All the suggestions were collected and voted on by a select panel of individuals, which included Bruce Hodge, Founder and President of Goway and Betty Ichan, Acting Director Marketing Support Services for Kenya Tourism. The panel’s decision to choose Tumaini as the elephant’s name was unanimous.

Betty Ichan said: “We selected Tumaini because it is our hope that elephants in Kenya can look forward to a better tomorrow through the wildlife conservation efforts of Kenya Wildlife Services along with all its partners. We are all committed to ensuring that elephants like Tumaini continue to exist for future generations.”

Ilisa Oman from Travel Planners International is the lucky travel professional who suggested the winning name for the elephant. Ilisa wins a free FAM trip to Kenya in November. Five other lucky agents who participated will also be invited to join the FAM for a modest fee. The FAM will visit Amboseli National Park, offering the agents a chance to meet Tumaini in person.

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