Goway Takes Britain To Next Level


Goway Travel is returning to some regal roots.

A tour operator frequently associated with the South Pacific has detailed a Britain program to Toronto-area travel agents, and Goway’s Moira Smith told those on hand that sending people to Britain and other parts of Europe isn’t out of character for the company, reports Ian Stalker in this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier.

“Interestingly enough, Europe was Goway’s first destination we ever sold, back in 1970,” Goway’s Moira Smith told Travel Courier.

“Whilst we have always sold groups to Europe, and Britain, it’s only in the last year that we became very serious about selling Europe and have taken it to the next level. To the point that, second only to the South Pacific, we have more Europe product on our web than any other destination. We also, similar to all our other specialist divisions, have specialist staff that are only selling Europe.”

Goway has 461 European options for its clients, 63 of them in Britain.

Smith noted that Goway accommodation offerings in Britain range from bed-and-breakfasts to actual castles in a country famed for royalty.

For the full story, check out this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier by clicking here.