Take A Listen To Voices of Travel

Winter skiing, dude ranches, exceptional golf and scenic vistas which will fill your iPhone or camera photo space.

In this week’s issue of CTP, Voices of Travel host, Ron Pradinuk will take listeners on a tour of the Grand County region of Colorado – the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.
At over three thousand metres, it’s the breaking point of the Continental Divide from where the watersheds either flow west to the Pacific Ocean or East to the Atlantic.

In addition to Winter Park Resort – the closest major ski area to Denver – it is a summer destination for whitewater rafting, exceptional golf tracks, major cattle ranches that produce the world renowned Wagyu Beef – and small town communities whose people welcome you with open arms.

Originating in Japan, and related to the better known Kobe Beef, Wagyu Beef is highly sought after because of its higher proportion of unsaturated fats – which can purportedly lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol

Pradinuk talks with Gaylene Ore, the communications contact for the Grand County region, and Steve Hurlebert, the PR director for Winter Park Resort.

Whether you’re thinking about a summer or winter vacation, Grand County may move up much higher in your planning options after you listen to this edition of Voices of Travel.

As you’ll hear Gaylene Ore say, “The summer is delightful here. We all say we moved here for the winter, but stayed for the summer.”

So take a listen to as this week’s Voices of Travel and discover Colorado’s Grand County region