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Green Key launches calculator

Green Key Global has launched a carbon calculator that has been developed specifically for the lodging industry. The new calculator will help hotels in determine their annual carbon footprint based on a set of key sources and activities. The calculator was developed jointly by the Hotel Association of Canada and the Greater Toronto Hotel Association in order to meet the growing demand for an industry-specific carbon management tool. The Green Key Carbon Calculator measures all carbon emissions attributable to a set of carbon-emitting activities or sources applicable to a lodging facility from an annual perspective. As a hotel enters its source data (e.g. electricity consumption or vehicle kilometres travelled), the calculator will compute the corresponding carbon emissions by applying appropriate emission factors (a number describing the carbon intensity of the source). The Green Key Carbon Calculator follows the World Resources Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard and ISO-14064-1-06 Greenhouse Gases Part 1: Specification with Guidance at the Organizational Level for Quantification and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals; these documents are considered the two leading international standards for quantifying carbon emissions. Additional information is available at .

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