Grenada Eases Travel Restrictions

Grenada is further easing its travel restrictions and for fully vaccinated travellers, it is now accepting a rapid antigen test taken within 1 day of arrival in Grenada.

Currently, Grenada accepts fully vaccinated visitors only. There is no quarantine on arrival.

The entry process is as follows:

  • Fully vaccinated travellers are required to present proof of vaccination upon arrival in Grenada, as well as a negative PCR test or Rapid Antigen test taken within one day of arrival in Grenada. A Health Declaration Form is also required:
  • Vaccination card or certificate must be in English.
  • Original vaccination card is required.
  • All fully vaccinated travellers will undergo health screening on arrival (symptom review and temperature checks)
  • You will present your Health Declaration Certificate, your negative COVID test AND your vaccination card to Health Screeners for verification.
  • You will not be tested on arrival unless deemed necessary by Health Officials during health screening.
  • You will proceed to Immigration for processing
  • May use personal or other types of transportation

For more on the entry process, go to or visit