Grenada: It’s The Talk Of The Travel Trade

There’s lots of competition out there, isn’t there?

Be it from other destinations, tour operators, hotels, you name it, everyone is looking to get travel agents to sell their products and services.

And while that’s pretty much always been the case, in a world where information flows as rapidly as the waters cascading over Niagara Falls, it has become increasingly tough for smaller destinations to get their message heard.

Yet talking to the Grenada Tourism Authority’s marketing manager, Francine Stewart and its director of sales, Canada, Sekou Stroude it seems that hard work and persistence are paying off and travel agents here are finding that Grenada makes the perfect vacation destination for their clients.

In fact, Stroude told Canadian Travel Press in a recent interview: “In the Canadian market, we have really, really seen an uptick over 2018 to 2019. We had an increase of 19.2% over the previous year,” and that was the highest increase in all of Grenada’s major markets.

As for why the success here, Stroude said that it “can be attributed a lot to the work that Grenada Tourism has been doing in the [Canadian] market itself.”

“People have been talking about us a lot and we have really been doing a lot to get the word out, including our travel agent specialist program, which we launched in November 2017.”

Since its launch, Grenada’s agency specialist appears to have caught the attention of Canadian agents.

He explains that “because we are just one destination going to so many travel agents and competing with so many other destinations, it’s actually getting the word out about Grenada and the benefits that the specialist program actually gives the different travel agents to help you sell the destination.”

And he continues: “We just keep on repeating it to the trade that we do have a Grenada specialist program, so please become a specialist, once you become a specialist please log your bookings in because that’s the way you can get lots of rewards.”

For the full story, check out this week’s issue of Canadian Travel Press.