Guatemala showcases its Maya legacy

Guatemalan tourism board INGUAT and the Guatemalan Ministry of Culture have launched the B’aktunes Route, a special cultural route that features archeological sites that showcase the Maya Calendar’s Long Count that ends Dec. 21. Pedro Pablo Duchez, Guatemala’s minister of tourism, said Guatemala is ready to welcome visitors interested in taking part in welcoming the new era of the Maya. “We invite travelers to immerse themselves and connect with the Maya culture and travel along the B’aktunes Route to visit stunning archeological locations of great significance,”said Duchez inviting the world to visit Guatemala during its celebration of “the Dawn of the Maya.””Communities around the country are hosting celebrations on the 21rst day of each month, offering visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience one of the most unique celebrations of our history.”All the locations that are part of the B’aktunes Route contain a monument, estela or structure related to the end of the Long Count of 2012, including sites where the living Maya still hold spiritual ceremonies today. They are also easily accessible and can be divided into two separate smaller circuits, the first focusing on the Great Pre-Hispanic Cities of the Maya, and the second highlighting the Living Maya cultures of the highlands. As part of the route, visitors to northern Guatemala will encounter jungles full of flora and fauna and archeological sites, like Tikal National Park, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. ( (

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