GX Line Up Announced By G Adventures, Planeterra

G Adventures and Planeterra have announced the speaker and performer schedule for the inaugural GX event, which will feature the first World Community Tourism Summit being hosted on World Tourism Day, Sept. 27, 2023.

The day will be packed with informative discussions, and will conclude at an after party with a private performance for GX attendees by music group Village People.

During GX, which runs from Sept. 22, 13 Canadian agents and partners will join G Adventures’ community of suppliers, media, team members and travellers, as they gather from around the globe to experience firsthand the positive impact community tourism can have on a destination.

The event culminates on World Tourism Day, Sept. 27, where all groups will be brought together for a day of uplifting and informative keynote talks and lively discussions. These will be followed by dinner and a gold-themed party in celebration of Planeterra’s 20th anniversary, to be hosted at the ancient temple of Qorikancha, sponsored by ProColombia, with a grand finale performance by Village People closing out the night.

Inspirational and adventurous travel personalities Jessica Nabongo, Tyson Mayr and Mario Rigby will deliver keynote presentations highlighting how community tourism has impacted them on their travels and shaped who they are as travellers.

Bruce Poon Tip, founder of both G Adventures and Planeterra, says GX will be a groundbreaking and life-changing event for guests, as they see firsthand the power community tourism can have to impact positive change when they visit four community tourism enterprises developed in partnership with Planeterra.

Said Poon Tip: “This event is going to be a celebration like no other. I can’t wait to show our community of communities just how transformative travel can be when it’s done right – not just for local people, but also for our guests as they see what a pivotal role they play in empowering people working in the tourism sector.”

He continued: “GX is an evolution of all the events we have hosted over the years – it’s bigger and better than any that have come before it. We have an incredible lineup of inspiring and influential speakers who are all committed to making the world a better place through travel. I am grateful and humbled they are joining us, and are enthusiastic to share their personal journeys and knowledge.”

Poon Tip noted that: “We’ve been showcasing the beautiful concept of community tourism to our travellers for years, and I can’t wait to welcome our guests to Peru to also show them what it’s all about, and to have a lot of fun at the same time.”

He concluded: “And what better way to wrap up the first World Community Tourism Summit than with an act that stands for diversity and inclusion and bringing different communities together, the iconic Village People.”

Jamie Sweeting, president of Planeterra, says GX and the World Community Tourism Summit will explore how the travel industry can better support and engage in community tourism.

Said Sweeting: “We’re excited to showcase the evolution of Planeterra and G Adventures’ impact on local communities, with some of Planeterra’s earliest community tourism partners taking the stage to share their knowledge and experience. These partners exemplify what it means to do community tourism well, so we can all learn from them.”

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